Perfect Eyelashes Day and Night

Every woman wants to make sure they have the perfect look before they walk out the house every morning. They want to show the world how awesome they are. No wonder, women spend a lot of effort and time every morning to put on the right make up. One of the biggest challenges for a perfect make up is applying the perfect mascara. I believe every woman has the experience of struggling creating the perfect shape of eyelashes using the mascara.

How long did you usually need to put on the mascara on your eyelashes? Five minutes or may be fifteen? Yes, applying mascara can be time consuming and as a matter a fact, most women are not really satisfied with the result. What if you can have a perfect shape of eyelashes every time, even when you wake up from sleep in the morning? To make it even better, you no longer need to reapply mascara too often. Isn’t that amazing? That’s the magic of Semi-Permanent Mascara from Foxy Face. This type of mascara can last around 10 to 14 days in one application. During those period, your eyelashes will look perfect without any hassle of reshape or reapply mascara.

Foxy Face is a leading cosmetic brand specializing in lashes improvement. This semi-permanent type of mascara is its latest product dedicated to professional women with busy work schedule yet required to maintain good impression. This type of mascara is 100% safe and contain no dangerous ingredients like formaldehyde, carcinogens, dyes or heavy metals. This product is also approved by FDA and Health Canada & European. You can apply the Faoxy Face semi-permanent mascara yourself or come to a beauty shop to get more professional looking eyelashes using Foxy Face semi-permanent mascara. Once it’s done, you will get perfect lashes day and night from several days to come.

Nokia 7373 – Designed to Deliver

The Nokia 7373 is a special addition to the award winning L’Amour Collection. It combines the brilliance of L’Amour collection and creativity of the Giambattista Valli, a fashion designer who crafted this elegant mobile phone. The phone comes in two enticing colours and makes it more appealing. For fashion enthusiasts, the Nokia 7373 Special Edition is a beautiful collection into the world of glamor.

Symbolizing luxury and grand architecture, the Nokia 7373 is one of the most appreciated handsets from Nokia’s L’Amour collection. The handset with its ethnic pattern and compact swivel design gives fresh look and perfect grip in the hands of consumers. The Nokia 7373 is an upgraded version of the most popular Nokia 7370.Its a swivel designed handset, which is somewhat different from the fold design. The front side of the phone does not have any buttons – it has both pros and cons. To add beauty to the device, no front button has been placed. But the main disadvantage is that you can’t browse phone features without opening the phone. Swivel it open and browse multitude of phone features that are hidden inside.

The Nokia 7373 comes packed with a wide range of talented features such as a high performance 2.0 MP camera with up to 8x digital zoom, a music player, an FM radio and lots more. Take quality pictures, enjoy listening to superb quality music or tune in to your favourite FM radio station – the device offers everything to keep you smile, always.In comparison to its predecessors, the Nokia 7373 is definitely more advanced. The device comes with an expandable memory card support of up to 2GB – add more multimedia and other data files efficiently. Download music tracks or share data from a compatible PC using a Bluetooth and USB. Enjoy browsing phone features on the move with the Nokia 7373.

Dog Fashion Shows Are A Hit Around The Globe

The last few months have seen the unveiling of new Spring and Summer collections at pet couture shows in cities across the globe. Getting things rolling at the top end of the market was the famous Harrods Department Store in London which held its fifth annual Pet-à-Porter dog fashion show in November. The theme of the show was ‘Diamond Dogs’ and one of the highlights was a spectacular Stephen Webster diamond and precious jewel dog collar worth over half a million pounds. Other designs incorporated pearls, sapphires, and rubies. Hundreds of people turned out to sip champagne and nibble on canapés at Harrods while watching the well behaved dog models (and their human companions) strut down the runway wearing outfits by top designers including Ben de Lisi and Vivienne Westwood. After two hours of dazzling dog fashion, guests left with an exclusive doggy bag full of treats for those furry friends who couldn’t attend the show.

Tokyo is another up-and-coming centre of dog fashion where canine couture is particularly popular. Walking through the city’s parks you will rarely see a dog that isn’t dressed to the nines and perfectly accessorized, and some Tokyo owners are known to have several dozen different outfits for their dogs. Tokyo also hosted Japan’s first New Year Dog Party in January. The event featured activities such as dog yoga, photo sessions, gourmet dog food bars, and fashion shows with human and dog models strutting down the runway in matching outfits by top international designers. Highlights of the show included a $20,000 diamond-encrusted leather doggie jacket modelled by a dachshund and a gold and silver coloured jacket with Swarovski crystals for $5,000. Other canine uber-models included shih-tzus in biker jackets, poodles in polka dot dresses, bull dogs in sailor suits, a poodle dressed as Audrey Hepburn, greyhounds in rasta hats, a maltese in a denim body suit and yellow boots, and even a dog in a neon green wig. The two day event attracted crowds of up to 20,000 people who enjoyed themselves almost as much as all the dogs who welcomed the chance to socialise, enjoy the aromatherapy spas, sniff, do a little yoga, perhaps compete in a speed-eating contest, and of course – show off their latest outfit.New York is naturally at the forefront of dog fashion and it is the site of Pet Fashion Week New York, an annual event since 2006. In addition to the runway shows, this event features a lifestyle tradeshow, a black tie fundraiser for charity, and awards ceremonies. The show is held in August and last summer some of the most outrageous fashions were provided by Isle of Dogs whose canine and human models ranged from visions of post-apocalyptic, metallic silver and purple robots to a pink chiffon Mary Poppins accompanied by a teacup poodle with pink highlights and a sparkling princess crown. Other designers showcased leopard print and denim combinations, ruffled dresses and even a yorkie wearing a white angel outfit with feathers and wings.

So – what fashion trends emerged from these shows? Well here’s a rundown of what’s in for pet couture this Spring.

Pink is as hot as ever this Spring season but with a new twist of pretty floral patterns, ruffles, lace and appliqué detail, polka dots, metallic fabrics and accessories. For a fresh Spring look and feel, soft sheer fabrics combined with cotton and linen will feature and yellow will be popular alongside contrasting black and white, colours that suit dogs of all shapes and sizes. Shades of green will also be popular as the more environmentally friendly hemp will be making an impact amongst more eco-conscious owners in the coming months.White will also feature strongly this Spring/Summer season for both boy and girl dogs with smocking and puff sleeve detail making an appearance as well. Making a comeback this season are soft cosy pajamas, and they’re not just for casual home wear – pet parents wearing matching pj’s are predicted to be a new street-wear trend combining style with comfort. For cooler days, stylish warmth will be provided by cotton hoodies, soft knit jumpers and ponchos in pastel shades of pink and green.

Dog Tee’s with slogans are always popular. This Spring, Tee’s with leopard trim are predicted to be a big hit along with Tee’s with chiffon trim for girls and skull and heart designs for boys. And finally, pet parents of big dogs will be finding it easier to dress their dogs in the latest funky trends this year as more and more pet fashion designers are including big dog sizes in their lines.